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Fotos: Kunstsportgruppe Hochobir
Text: Ismini Tsavelidou

Klagenfurt, May 2004, at the legendary Theatercafee: the KSGh was founded. It's Art – for sure! It's Sport – why not? It's Mountain – definitely! It's the KunstSportGruppe hochobir!
“But what the hell is hochobir?” Uwe Bressnik asked a bit confused. Art (Kunst) & sports were evident. “Is it an animal?” Heiko Bressnik wondered. “No fuck guys!” Richie Klammer laughed. “The Hochobir is that bloody mountain spotting us through the windows of my studio.”
So it was. So it is. The group & the mountain. Mount Hochobir is the last outpost on south Austrian territory. Then Slovenia takes over. This is Austria on it's borders – a border landscape. Thrilling, seducing, confusing. Playful …
So what is the KSGh then? How to define it? Spontaneously I would like to say: “Art-Sport Tourists On The Borders”. That is of course nothing else but serious. It is a damned serious business to be spontaneous. Dangerous too. The KSGh is spontaneous, with an almost chaotic approach. Loaded with a great deal of attitude. (Right on!)